Complete guide for playing poker online

Poker is a game of cards which involves in bluffing, gambling, strategy and skill of permutations and combinations which seems to be hidden till the end of the game. This game of cards, Poker has got its history rooting to 969 CE which is invented by a Chinese king Mu-Tsung on the eve of his wife’s birthday, it is said that the royal couple has celebrated the eve by playing poker with mixed elements of mah-jong. The cards used in those times are thin wafers of wood or ivory which was later used by many other countries with different names, the Germans call it Pochen, the French call it Poque and soon became famous all over the world.Choose the reliable Situs poker online to play this poker game.

How to play poker online

A Royal flush which is considered to be famous of all hands and cannot be beaten, it consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten of single suit. A Straight flush which consists of five cards in sequence of the same suit, the highest rank at the top of the suit wins in case of a tie. Four of a kind, which is made of four cards of the same rank and one side card or “kicker”, in case of tie the kicker with highest rank wins the game. A Full house which comprises of three cards of same rank and two cards of different matching rank, in the event of tie, the highest rank of three matching card wins. Flush, which is a combo of five cards with same suit, in case of a tie, the player holding highest ranked card wins. Straight, a sequence of five cards without same suit, in the event of tie the highest card rank is considered to evaluate the win. Then comes Three of a kind, which is comprised of three cards of same rank and two cards which are unrelated often called as “ kickers”, in the event of tie the player having highest rank with the side card is declared as winner. Two pair, it’s a mixture of two matching cards, two cards of different matching rank and a kicker, in event of tie the highest kicker wins the show. Pair, two cards of matching rank and 3 kickers which are unrelated to each other, in event of tie, the highest of the kickers win the game and in event of any hand which do not make the above combinations high card wins the game in all the cases the player with an ‘ace ‘ wins the show.

To play this game situs poker online has certain rules and regulations laid down by the casino owners these set of rules differ from country to country. The basic requirement is that you have to be more than 18 years if you are an underage then stud! Please stay away and wait till you grow up. If you are 18 plus then go ahead download the software and register online which basically requires your debit card / credit card number if you are playing for gambling and as mentioned you can also go with free versions to have unlimited fun.